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Message from Vice President of Patient Services / Chief Nursing Officer:

At DRMC there has been no greater time of excitement and growth than what we are experiencing now! Not only does our facility offer the array of traditional services seen in rural medical centers, we now provide a comprehensive cardiovascular surgery program which is sparking advancements across all facets of our organization. In addition to new service growth, we have a strong focus on providing quality and excellent customer service to our patients and families, achieving an excellent reputation as the dominant health care provider in our region. We have the most diverse number of practice specialties for nurses in our area, promoting professional growth at all levels. We also maintain a passionate and progressive focus on our employees, viewing the health care workers in our organization as our greatest asset. Recently, we were selected as one of Pennsylvania's Top 100 Workplaces and this is one measure of success that validates we are taking the action necessary to create great work environments. We are proud of all we are accomplishing, yet we realize we are on a journey toward ongoing improvement ... and it will never end!

Come and check us out and perhaps we will be your next "employer of choice" where you will see patients, families, and employees treated with the regard they deserve.

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