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bhs childThe child and adolescent program is offered to young people, under age 18, exhibiting behavioral health problems impairing their ability to adequately function in the home or school.

Hours of Operation
24 hrs a day/seven days a week

Program Details
The child and adolescent program is offered to young people, under age 18, exhibiting behavioral health problems impairing their ability to function in the home or school. Among the types of problems treated through the adolescent unit are eating disorders, schizophrenia, adjustment reactions, affective disorders such as depression and bipolar, and severe attention deficit disorders. The program emphasizes, in addition to intensive therapies, the benefits of a stable, therapeutic community. Support and counseling for parents and family are also integral to the program, and classroom instruction with a certified special education teacher enables the patients to sustain studies while hospitalized. All patients are seen daily by a board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and members of a multidisciplinary treatment team.

Recreational activities are also integrated into the program on a daily basis. Facilities for the adolescent program are designed to create a positive, pleasant environment, with furnished bedrooms and open living and dining areas.

The Unit
The Child and Adolescent Unit is located within the East Unit of DuBois Regional Medical Center. The unit contains 11 private and semi-private rooms, a classroom, dining room, recreational lounge, and therapy offices. It is access-controlled for patient safety.

Family Involvement
We believe family involvement is crucial to successful assessment and treatment. We ask families to meet with nursing and therapy staff shortly after admission to obtain a thorough history enabling the team to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Recognizing the importance of family dynamics, we also recommend 2-3 family sessions per week. Families are provided educational materials on diagnoses, medication, and other treatment modalities. In order to continue the progress made during the inpatient admission, families and patients are encouraged to utilize community services and treatment options after discharge.

Clinical Program
The clinical program emphasizes individual, group, and family therapies. It is based upon a thorough diagnostic evaluation including psychiatric, physical, social, and psychological assessments. On site educational services are available. With appropriate consents, our Special Education Teacher is in contact with school districts for information and assignments. Communication regarding the young person's educational progress is ongoing. Allied therapies such as Recreational Therapy, and Social Services are coordinated into the treatment plan, and registered nurses provide a daily nursing assessment for medical/supportive needs. Medication and health education are also provided to patients and families.

Direct referrals to the Child and Adolescent Unit can be made by: schools, community mental health agencies, children and youth agencies, physicians and other professionals in the community. Parents can take their child to the DuBois Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department for an assessment with a trained mental health worker for inpatient placement or outpatient services referral.

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