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Hahne Regional Cancer Center


Our Mission
Having a modern cancer treatment center with a full staff of experienced cancer specialists here in DuBois gives patients from this area high quality cancer care close to home.

We Do More Than Just Treat Disease
Hahne Regional Medical Center is committed to providing comprehensive care. In addition to caring for physical needs, we strive to help meet personal and emotional needs as well. Our goal is to ease the stress that accompanies the disease by helping patients and their families deal with medical insurance and finances, home healthcare, transportation and any other issues that are troublesome. Many support services are available and can be arranged through the center.

In addition to caring for people with a cancer diagnosis, patients with non-cancerous diseases, usually of the blood, are often referred to the center for evaluation and treatment.

Convenient and Friendly
Hahne Regional Cancer Center is a service of DuBois Regional Medical Center and is conveniently located on the DRMC West Campus. The center is easily accessible from Interstate 80 and other major traffic routes into DuBois. Free parking is available around DRMC and in adjacent parking lots.

Explanations of how treatments work, how they are given and what resources are available to you are listed below.

The Oncology Health Care Team
Many different health care professionals and support personnel are involved in your care at the Hahne Regional Cancer Center. You will get to know many of them; others you may not meet. These individuals are dedicated to providing you with personalized, high quality, state-of-the-art care. Team members include:

Medical and Radiation Oncologists
There are physicians specializing in cancer treatment. Medical oncologists use drug therapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer. These physicians may also treat blood disorders that are not cancer-related. Radiation oncologists use a type of x-ray or radiation to treat cancers.

Our Physicians
The physicians at Hahne Regional Cancer Center are specialists in one of two main areas in the study and treatment of cancer-medical oncology or radiation oncology. Each physician works closely with the patient's other doctors to keep them informed about the progress being made in treatment.

Hematologists are physicians specializing in the treatment of blood disorders. These disorders are often not cancer related.

Oncology Nurses
Oncology nurses are registered nurses who have received special training in the nursing management and treatment of cancer patients. Many of the nurses are oncology-certified. Certification validates the nurses' specialized knowledge.

Radiation Therapists
Radiation therapists are registered x-ray technologists who have received additional training in the safe and accurate delivery of radiation therapy. The therapists are also certified in their specialty, meaning that they have demonstrated specialized knowledge in radiation therapy.

Dosimetrists are radiation therapists who have received special training in treatment planning. The dosimetrists, using a special computer, plot the sites that are to be treated to assure optimal treatment results.

Medical Physicists
Medical physicists are certified by the American Board of Radiology and help to assure the safe and accurate delivery of radiation therapy by participating in treatment planning, reviewing all patient treatment plans and calibrating the radiation treatment equipment. They oversee radiation safety and quality control.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
LPNs play a key role in the Hahne Regional Cancer Center by assisting with patient care activities and scheduling, both at the DuBois location and the medical oncology clinics located in our neighboring communities.

Secretaries play a key role by scheduling office appointments and exams and assisting with the flow of information among our patients, primary care physicians, insurance companies and all the various people involved directly or indirectly in your care.

Van Drivers
Van drivers provide a valuable service to the patients of the cancer center by providing safe and timely transportation to and from scheduled appointments for office visits or treatments at Hahne. All drivers have taken driver safety training and are able to assist people with their transit needs.

Scope of Practice

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