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doctors-and-nurseThe Cardiovascular Unit of DuBois Regional Medical Center is a 12-bed critical care unit. It specializes in providing family-centered care to the adult and geriatric population who undergo cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, peripheral vascular surgery and cardiac interventions. The quality care is provided 24 hours a day by a dedicated, skilled team of professionals. The patient undergoes assessment, and care begins immediately upon arrival at DRMC.

Cardiovascular intensive care services at DRMC utilize a multidisciplinary team approach for provision of care. Patient care is holistic, caring for not only the ìheart,î but the emotional, educational, spiritual and cultural needs of the patient and family. This unit also uses the ìuniversal bed conceptî where the patient is cared for in the Cardiovascular Unit for their entire hospitalization. This unit's primary goal is to achieve excellent quality, safety and service in the care of all patients and families. The evidence of success is shown in our patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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