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The Intensive Care Unit provides excellent quality care to critically ill patients with both medical and surgical needs. Highly qualified nurses, physicians and others on the healthcare team work together in a collaborative model to assure each patient and family receives competent, safe and compassionate care. The patients and families are partners with the team, helping to make healthcare decisions affecting their care. The ICU nurses create a healing environment where patients and families can openly communication, rest in a caring environment and are treated with respect and dignity through all phases of their care.

ICU care may be provided to patients with:

• Acute Myocardial Infarction | www.medicinenet.com/heart_attack/article
• Shock States | www.wikipedia.org/wiki/shock
• Respiratory Failure | www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Respiratory_Failure
• Multiple System Organ Failure | www.wikipedia.org/Multiple_organ_dysfunction_syndrome
• Renal Disease | www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renal_Failure
• Trauma
• Neurological Events
• High-risk Surgery
• Hyperglycemic Emergency | www.wikipedia.org/Glycemia_control

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