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The Rehabilitation Center

The Therapies at DRMC are committed to providing the best care to our patients with the goal of returning you to your highest potential and maximum level of function in everyday activities.

DRMC's therapy services staff pride themselves on being able to offer one-on-one care and by providing continuity of care that others can't. Therapists can follow each patient through their course of treatment from hospital admission to outpatient treatment.

We perform evaluations and develop a plan of care that is individualized for each patient’s needs. A DRMC therapist performs an evaluation and together, with the patient, develops a treatment plan to meet the person's individualized needs with a focus on education to improve and prevent injuries. We offer services for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy at Brockway PCA, Force PCA, Curwensville PCA, and Reynoldsville Medical Center in addition to our location in the Medical Arts Building in DuBois.

Monitoring and guaranteeing the best outcome possible is extremely important to us because it is essential in providing the best care to our patients. Through this commitment, we have partnered with two national organizations to benchmark and focus on achieving great outcomes for our patients. One organization is Press Ganey. It is national patient satisfaction tool we use to monitor and assist us in always striving to improve our patient’s experience. The second organization is Lifeware. It is a national patient outcome tool we use to measure our outpatients results.

The Therapies treat a wide patient population from pediatrics to geriatrics.

We treat:

• Brain injury 
• Spinal cord injury 
• Total knee replacements 
• Total hip replacements 
• Sports injuries 
• Stroke 
• Developmental delays 
• Orthopedic surgeries 
• Arthritis 
• Work-related injuries 
• Myofascial pain 



We specialize in:

• Vestibular Rehabilitation
• Aquatics 
• Urinary Incontinence/Pelvic Floor pain 
• Sensory Integration 
• Lymphedema 
• Ergonomics 
• Sports injuries 
• Orthopedics 
• Vital Stim 
• Wheelchair Clinic 
• Splinting 
• Modified Barium Swallow Tests 
• Wellness programs 
• Massage therapy
• Feeding clinic

We utilize:

• Myofascial Release Techniques 
• Massage 
• Modalities 
• Therapeutic exercise







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