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DRMC’s Physical Therapy Inpatient and Outpatient Departments have a large skilled staff of licensed physical therapists, licensed physical therapist assistants, as well as physical therapy technicians and a large support staff. DRMC Physical Therapy has more DPT’s (Doctors in Physical Therapy) on staff than any other organization in our immediate area and beyond. We have a Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist on staff and our staff members have attended countless hours of advanced training and certifications in orthopedics, geriatrics, myofascial techniques, etc.

DRMC’s Outpatient Physical Therapy program is located in a large facility with individual treatment areas, multiple cardiovascular pieces, free weights, Nautilus style exercise equipment, and a therapeutic pool. It is conveniently located in the Medical Arts Building across the street from the DRMC West building. Our department has marked expertise and experience in orthopedics, sports injury, work related injury, myofascial pain, neurologic, arthritic, and other ailments requiring physical therapy intervention.DRMC’s Inpatient Physical Therapy program is located on the 5th floor of DRMC West providing services throughout the hospital including The Rehabilitation Center.

DRMC’s Outpatient Physical Therapy Department offers other convenient locations for treatments, such as Brockway PCA, Curwensville PCA, Force PCA, and Reynoldsville Medical Center.

Physical Therapy Inpatient Specialty Program

The Lite Gait is a body-weight supported gait trainer which utilizes an overhead harness and suspension system to enable patients to practice walking, overground or over a treadmill, in a safe and supported environment. Physical therapists use this tool to provide a dynamic, task specific approach involving weight bearing, stepping, and balance. This device can be used for a variety of patient populations including stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, and many others. The Lite Gait allows for early walking after an illness or injury, decreasing recovery time and improving overall rehabilitative potential.

PTphotoPhysical Therapy Outpatient Specialty Programs

 Aquatic Therapy
DRMC provides aquatic therapy which combines aquatic exercise and physical therapy. It is a comprehensive therapeutic approach that uses aquatic exercise designed to aid in the rehabilitation of various conditions. Exercise in the water is beneficial because it:

• Promotes muscular relaxation
• Reduces pain
• Decreases muscle spasm
• Increases ease of joint movement
• Increases muscular strength and endurance
• Increases circulation
• Improves body awareness, balance, and trunk stability
• Improves confidence

The buoyancy of water allows those patients with weakness and pain that limits their ability to stand on land to do so in water.

Ergonomic Program
Ergonomics is the science that facilitates maximum productivity, product quality and long-term workers’ health and safety. The goal is to reduce injury and illness in the workplace by providing a safer, more efficient and less stressful environment. The benefits include saving on the cost of worker’s compensation premiums, lost productivity, employee retraining, overtime and sick time pay, and medical costs. Our goal is for someone to achieve these benefits by providing on-site workplace assessments done by our certified ergonomic evaluators. The emphasis is on identifying risk factors, suggesting changes and providing the necessary resources. Employee training in lifting, identifying hazards in the workplace and office areas and pre-placement screenings are also offered.

Urinary Incontinence/Pelvic Pain Program
This DRMC Physical Therapy program is a conservative and non-invasive intervention which evaluates and treats pelvic muscle dysfunction associated with incontinence and pelvic pain by utilizing techniques, such as biofeedback, electric stimulation, muscle re-education and strengthening, myofascial release and manual techniques, to retrain and strengthen the affected muscles and structures. Many hours of advanced training and patient treatments have been completed by the therapist performing these services.

Vertigo and Vestibular Treatment Program
The DRMC Physical Therapy department has established a vestibular rehab program that offers evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders. The evaluation consists of a generalized strength, flexibility, balance, and gait assessment, as well as a specialized vertigo assessment. From the evaluation, the therapist will customize an exercise program designed to decrease dizziness, increase balance, and increase general activity levels. In addition to this customized program, the patient will be given exercises to complete at home.

Wellness Program
When one of our clients no longer needs skilled physical therapy, they are invited to continue on with their therapeutic exercise program at our Brockway, Curwensville, or Medical Arts clinics. At discharge, the therapist will develop an exercise program with the patient, instruct the patient on equipment use and answer any questions the patient has prior to starting the wellness program. The first month to continue with their independent exercise program is free with subsequent months $20 a month ($10 a month for June, July and August). For those that participate with the Wellness Program, the staff is always available to answer any questions or help modify programs. DRMC PT is a provider of UPMC’s Silver & Fit and Active & Fit Wellness Benefits. BCBS Silver Sneakers pending.

PACE Program
The PACE circuit training program is a special program now available at our Brockway Clinic for clients and the public. Please call (814)265-8792 for questions.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is also offered by our licensed Massage Therapist. Appointments can be made by calling our Brockway office at (814)265-8792.

Community Services
In addition to their contributions to patient care, DRMC’s physical therapists provide valuable services to the community as well. Through health fair screenings and work site evaluations, they can help prevent injuries before they happen. The staff is also available to speak at special events or meetings on issues such as healthy backs, good posture, arthritis, and exercise.

For details on DuBois Regional Medical Center’s Physical Therapy program, please contact us at (814)375-3372 or HealthEd Line at (814)375-INFO (4636) or toll free 1-888-920-INFO.

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