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Information Network for Outpatients (INFO)

Looking for a doctor? This is the number to call for a physician perfectly matched to your needs.

Call (814) 375-INFO or 1-888-920-INFO for referrals to primary care physicians and specialists at DRMC.

If you're new in town, want to change doctors or need a specialist or a second opinion, call the DRMC INFO Line. Trained staff will help you find a doctor who is perfectly matched to your needs, such as convenient location and hours or one who will work with your insurance carrier. We can even help you schedule your first appointment. Best of all, the INFO Line call is free.

The staff can schedule outpatient procedures ordered by your doctor or register you for special DRMC programs.

Also, call for information on DRMC's screenings or services like prenatal classes, smoking cessation programs, educational programs or any of DRMC's other health offerings. The request will be handled quickly and confidentially.

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